Jane And The Dragon : Last Of The Dragon - a Jane And The Dragon DVD

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Last Of The Dragon is the final compilation of episodes from Series One of the much-loved adventure series, Jane and the Dragon.

Jane is an adolescent girl who lives in a small medieval European kingdom. Although she was raised to be a lady-in-waiting, Jane has always dreamed of becoming a brave knight. She wins the chance to become an apprentice knight after encountering - and befriending - a 300-year-old dragon.

Weta Workshop has partnered with New Zealand author and illustrator Martin Baynton, to create a television series based on Martin's best selling books which detail Jane's adventures. Martin has been illustrating and writing children's books for twenty two years and the content of Jane and the Dragon is a perfect fit for Weta Workshop's first foray into children's television production. Drawing on the skills of the Weta Workshop design team, they bring the same creativity and eye for detail to the world of Jane that was used in the creation of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

In a world where 'Pigeon English' is sadly commonplace, it is important to note the language used in Jane and the Dragon. Texting is now seriously corrupting the understanding of the written word for young kids and is now a key issue for teachers worldwide. In the Jane scripts and books, the spoken dialogue never has contractions. For example, Jane and her friends say: "I will not", instead of "I won't", "does not" instead of "doesn't" etc. It gives the characters a period authenticity without resorting to clumsy thees and thous. Children like to copy this Jane speech style and learn and understand what a contraction is made up from, and all without teaching and preaching. It is also frustrating and sad to hear children using ordinary, boring swear words that are not only vulgar and offensive, but are borrowed and beneath them. Children have the imaginations to make up their own swear words that can be much more fun and creative and colourful - and all without being offensive. Baynton built this into the Jane world so that all the characters could swear if they needed to, but in ways that are fun and acceptable to parents and broadcasters and would thereby encourage kids to be more adventurous in creating their own. Amongst many others, Jane says: Maggots!, Bog Off!, Beef Brain!, and Martin's favourite, Puss and Pestilence!

A NOTE ON DVD REGIONS: Please note that this DVD is a Region 4 DVD (Australia; New Zealand; Oceania; Central and South America; Caribbean; Mexico) and may not play correctly in other regions. Only buy if you are confident your DVD player can play DVDs from all regions. Weta cannot accept returns of DVDs.

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