The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey : Gollum™ Enraged

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9.1" x 14.2" x 5.9" (H x W x D)
23 cm x 36 cm x 15 cm
2.2 lbs (980 g)

Creeping unseen in the subterranean labyrinth beneath Goblin-town, Gollum was a nameless horror, preying upon Goblin whelps straying too near his cold, black lake. Wearing his magical Ring Gollum was the lord of his lonely underground fiefdom invisible to rapacious Goblins hordes. For almost as long as he could remember he had dwelt here, alone with his Precious in the dark, his pitiful life stretched by the power of the Ring, until the day Bilbo Baggins™ stumbled into his world. 

Lost and bewildered, the Hobbit had escaped death at the hands of his Goblin captors only to blunder into an equally unthinkable peril when Gollum lays eyes upon him at the shore of the underground lake. But as plump and tender as he might appear, Bilbo Baggins is not the easy meal Gollum is expecting. Kindling distant memories, the Hobbit engages him in a game of riddles, the prize being Bilbo’s life. Only when ‘Baggins’ poses his winning stumper does Gollum come to truly appreciate that he has lost far more than just a game of riddles, and his rage and despair is terrible. 

Weta continues the legacy of producing finely crafted, highly detailed 1/6 scale collectible polystone statues from Middle-earth. The essence of each character expertly captured in every piece.

This piece has been designed as a companion to our Bilbo Baggins statue (available separately)

Gollum™ Enraged was sculpted by Ben Mauro and Greg Tozer.

It takes approximately 400-500 hours to design, sculpt, model-make, mould and paint the prototype for each new character.

Sculpted and created by the same artists and craftspeople who work on our movies, Bilbo Baggins is one of the first three in our range of 1/6 scale characters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The following pieces are available in Weta's range of 1/6 scale statues from The Hobbit:

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  • Gollum™ Enraged
  • Gollum™ Enraged
  • Gollum™ Enraged with Bilbo Baggins companion piece (available separately)
  • Gollum™ Enraged
  • Gollum™ Enraged with Bilbo Baggins companion piece (available separately)
  • Gollum™ Enraged

Please Note - the images above are of a pre-production prototype. Each statue is painted by hand and slight variations will occur.

This is an open edition piece.


Bilbo Baggins available separately



Most useful user reviews

Weta Collector
5 stars

GOLLUM ENRAGED is a fantastic piece to go with Bilbo with his... Read more.

GOLLUM ENRAGED is a fantastic piece to go with Bilbo with his outstretched sword. The figurine itself is quite delicate ,especially Gollums arms and fingers. So take care when unpacking and putting him on the base.'Overall he looks fantastic,,great piece...well done WETA again Hide.

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Gold Collector
5 stars

Gollum Rocks!!

This thing all things devour:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
... Read more.

This thing all things devour:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stone to meal;
Slays kings, ruins towns,
And beats high mountains down.
- Gollum to Bilbo

The Hobbit – Riddles in the Dark

We’ve now reached the “we haven’t seen this before” phase of reveals for statues from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The first statue to make the scene in this phase is a familiar face to fans of Middle-earth. That’s right! Gollum our lovely precious Gollum as we saw him in the Riddles in the Dark sequence from the movie. This is also the first time we’ve gotten Gollum in traditional 1:6th scale as a regular release in a line of statues based on Middle-earth.


The overall graphic layout for Gollum’s box stays the same as we’ve seen with previous entries in the line. Per the format we’ve come to know the front of the box gives you a great shot of Gollum, graphic work for the title of the movie, and of course the Weta logo. The sides of the box for Gollum also present a familiar format with different looks at the statue. While the other side of the box presents some of the various products you can get for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey line of collectibles. The back of the box contains a great story on Gollum as well as information regarding details of the character and statue. The Styrofoam on the inside is typical with what we’ve become used to getting with these statues.


Greg Tozer is back at it on this piece and he got some help from Ben Mauro for bringing this version of Gollum to life. Gollum has been quite the achievement for Weta from the time we first got a great look at him in The Two Towers and ten years later he is even better looking with the new technology. This statue I think captures that improvement in how Gollum looks. The likeness is as good as you’re going to see and the rage Gollum has in realizing he’s lost his precious to Bilbo comes through quite clearly. On his face you get great definition in the wrinkles with how his face squishes together allowing the anger to come through. The body again gives you great definition in the rib cage showing how thing Gollum is malnourished he is from lingering due to the ring. Two final features on the body that I found very cool is the lack of scars on Gollum’s back and the blood vessels on his arms. The lack of scars of course comes from this being 60 years before The Lord of the Rings and not being tortured by Sauron. While the blood vessels are subtle but a nice attention to detail by Weta.

Gollum really doesn’t have an outfit as we’ve seen with previous releases in this line. He has his loincloth with little pouch that he keeps his precious in. The sculpt job done on these is as good as you could expect in giving a sculpt look of leather. Gollum is also the first statue to come with an addition to the base. He’s jumping off a rock deep within the Misty Mountains that makes up his little home area, and it very much comes across sculpt wise looking like the rocks we saw on screen.


Gollum does not have the traditional skin tone we’ve seen with the other statues within this line so far. He’s been under the mountain for years with no sunlight so he has a bit lighter look to his skin tone. Weta has of course been able to do this successfully and it once again looks like the Gollum we’ve seen on screen. He even has the nice pinker tone around the eyes you see on screen giving the appearance of someone who gets little sleep. Another success of the skin tone is making sure you don’t lose the wrinkle detail or boney nature of the rib area. One area I mentioned earlier that could have been lost easily is the blood vessels, but they’re really enhanced I believe with the subtle job done by Weta.

Finally, going back to his clothes or lack there of with the loincloth. The paint job does a solid job working with the wrinkles in the sculpt to create the leather look of the loincloth. His rock area has a great worn looking pain job to it with a great lighter tone around the bottom.


Gollum retails for $249, which is in line with most of the statues so far in the line. Gollum just looks great and works well with the Bilbo statue creating a great scene on your shelf. Weta also did a fantastic job with Gollum making sure he’s able to hold the post by inserting a rod into his leg that goes into the rock. Helping give this statue a great look and feel of that moment in the dark.

PS: The answer to the riddle: Time Hide.

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Weta Collector
5 stars

"If the Baggins loses, we eats it whole"

I received Gollum Enraged in today as a purchase on Black Friday... Read more.

I received Gollum Enraged in today as a purchase on Black Friday for such a awesome price. I have to say it's such an awesome piece. The sculpt and paint is very well done and I love the pose. It fits very well with Bilbo and it's one of my favorite scenes from An unexpected Journey. The return of the creature that is obsessed with The One Ring. very well done just loved Gollum and looks awesome. I highly recommend it. Weta has done it again! Hide.

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