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Winner of seventeen Academy Awards, The Lord of the Rings was brought to the big screen by New Line Cinema and directed by Peter Jackson. Weta Workshop was intrinsically involved in the design and physical effects manufacture for all three films.


By Jerry Vanderstelt
(W x H x L) 46 cm x 61 cm x 0.1 cm
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Far beneath the ground, tunneling for Mithril in sunless black rock, the Dwarves disturbed something that had remained safely entombed since ages past, a being of unfathomable terror, relic of a time of gods and giants, a creature of which like should never walk again in Middle-earth and for whom there were few equals remaining in the world: a Balrog of Morgoth.

A demon composed of shadow and flame, the Balrog could be harmed by no blade or device of Dwarf design. By the hundreds, Durin's people and the Dwarf King himself fell before the beast, after named Durin's Bane.

The incredible Bane of Durin giclee joins a range of gorgeous art prints and lithographs by Jerry Vanderstelt. 


Tolkien's world of Middle-earth is a far-reaching story of sweeping landscapes and breathtaking castles set deep in its own detailed and ancient history. Along with its many stories, races and tales of war and honour, the books describe cities and castles equally as rich and detailed as the characters who live within them.

Weta Workshop: Celebrating 20 Years of Creativity

This beautiful Fine Art Giclee features the Balrog, from The Lord of the Rings films. It has been printed using the finest materials available, utilizing archival inks as well as Breathing Color's "Pura Velvet" Fine Art paper. It comes signed and numbered by the artist with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Bane of Durin comes in a Limited Edition of 2,000.

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  1. Bane of Durin
    The giclee is an absolute marvel! My only disappointment is that Sideshow did not offer it framed, as I went on the artist\'s website and was stunned by the beauty of the framing offered by Vanderstelt Studios which is, sadly, no longer available

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  2. Stunning
    Absolutely stunning art work of the Balrog, the level of detail is top notch and well worth the money!
    got #174 so still plenty to pick up and i highly recommend this.

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  3. It\'s Brilliant!
    This print is amazing, I received #188 out of the 1,000... I enjoy it immensely it\'s a source of solace, it\'s a great price, and the frame I had made for it fits it perfectly... thanks Weta and Mr. Vanderstelt...

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