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Mini Epics pay homage to your favourite characters, distilling their unique personalities into stylised vinyl figures worthy of your shelf.


Vinyl Figure – Limited Edition of 2,000
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(W x H x L) 10.9 cm x 16.6 cm x 10.9 cm
Weight: 0.225 lbs (0.102 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Mauro Santini Mauro Santini

Mauro Santini

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What’s stuck in a bear trap, has burnt flesh, and just came out of the Upside Down? The fearsome Demogorgon of course!

Our Mini Epics took a stranger turn when our sculptors found themselves in the Upside Down. Armed with nothing but their tablets and a handful of dice, they returned, mostly intact, with the Wounded Demogorgon. But worry not, this MINI EPIC is perfectly harmless. We think.


  • Limited Edition;
  • Premium, stylised vinyl figure;
  • Painted with a unique texture, covered in scorch marks;
  • Wounded from an unfortunate encounter with a bear trap;
  • Sculpted by Wētā Workshop’s Min Epics Art Director, Mauro Santini.

Mini Epics let us breathe life into much-loved characters… then give them an unexpected twist! They are a sculptor’s dream.

Mauro Santini – Mini Epics Art Director, Wētā Workshop

Wounded Demogorgon is just the beginning, explore the range and add to your collection.

Please note: Images are of a pre-production prototype. Some variations may occur.

Mini Epics: Demogorgan Limited Edition


This cast of characters comes from one simple question: How can we surround ourselves with more epic moments?

It’s a good thing that as fellow story lovers, we know exactly what it takes to create a memorable character. We’ve brought our decades of film experience to a range of uniquely stylised figures, maximising on personality, without compromising on details.

The result? One epic piece of collectible art distilled into a high-quality vinyl.


Ready. Set. Collect.


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