Dr. Grordbort's : The Unnatural Selector - Ray Blunderbuss

$4,500.00 USD
Shipping World Wide from our New Zealand warehouse. Sold out in our US and UK warehouses.
Edition Size:
11.8" x 45.3" x 7.9" (H x W x D)
30 cm x 115 cm x 20 cm

Edition #      1    US$7,900 (sold out)
Edition #   2-9    US$5,900 (sold out)
Edition # 10-50   US$4,500 (sold out)

Strictly limited to an edition size of 50 worldwide

  • 100% designed and crafted at multi Academy Award winning Weta Workshop in New Zealand
  • Built from metal, glass and rare Venusian Worm Oak (imitation wood....which under Earth conditions is surprisingly similar to resin)
  • The breech block will be engraved with your name and individual edition number.
  • Articulated triggers, levers and switches
  • Custom built stand - suitable for displaying on your mantelpiece, or hanging on the wall
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by Creator Greg Broadmore and Weta Workshop Creative Director Richard Taylor
  • Packed in Grordbort's Laboratories sturdy, wooden delivery crate
  • Edition Numbers 1 - 9 Only: An illustrated "Raygun Operator's License" designed by Greg Broadmore with your name and photo

Order and Delivery Process

Orders can be placed by e-mail or fax (+64 4 380 9256). Please include the following information:

  • Your preferred edition number
  • The name to be engraved on your "Unnatural Selector" (up to 16 characters)
  • The Unnatural Selector will be made-to-order, therefore we do require a non-refundable deposit of US$500
  • Credit card name, number and expiry date (Mastercard or VISA only, please, or enquire about international money transfer.)
  • Delivery address
  • Contact telephone number

Edition numbers will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Freight costs will be confirmed on confirmation of your order. Freight to the United States is approximately US$200.
Any Import Duties and Taxes due are the responsibility of the Purchaser.

There are no Weta Dollars available for this item.

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Alas, in my haste to uncrate and hold the magnificent ray-rifle in my hands, I inadvertently disintegrated the delivery man. (I must convey my deepest regard to your engineers, for it seemed a most peaceful way to go. I noted but the faintest quizzical look of confused jest upon his bemused face in the millisecond before he was pulverized into the tiniest pile of dust - without any apparent damage, whatsoever, to the potted Hibiscus not one meter to his side!) Thankfully, the Unnatural Selector had more than sufficient power to additionally obliterate the delivery van and thus any trace of the driver having ever been in my drive. I only hope he had not yet recorded details of the delivery in hopes that you'll send me another Unnatural Selector!

J.J. - Blunderbuss #50, Wisconsin

It really is awesome beyond words, so awesome it's unfortunate not every ray gun collector will be able to enjoy owning one. WOWEEE!!!!!!"

T.H. - Blunderbuss #10, Canada

Utterly fantastic. Beyond reason and joy. It is an exquisite item, objet d'art, not-so-guilty-pleasure, first born child, true love and a room full of Dom Perignon, caviar and drunk Bond girls in one crate."

J.B. - Blunderbuss #1, UK


Most useful user reviews

Weta Collector
5 stars

Over the Moon (ahem) !

Utterly fantastic. Beyond reason and joy. It is an eqsuisite... Read more.

Utterly fantastic. Beyond reason and joy. It is an eqsuisite item, objet d'art, not-so-guilty-pleasure, first born child, true love and a room full of Dom Perignon, caviar and drunk Bond girls in one crate.

O.K. it's not quite that good but it is bloody fantastic.

I happen to be the delighted owner of #1. I initially missed the kidney to cover the deposite but with a few more years? (it's dark down here) of
helping the good Dr. with his "studies" I eagerly anticipate rejoining civilised society.

Heavily armed and having furthered the cause of science.

Possibly. Hide.

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Weta Collector
5 stars


WOWEE!!!! : ) The Unnatural Selector is awesome beyond words -... Read more.

WOWEE!!!! : ) The Unnatural Selector is awesome beyond words - what an amazing Steampunk weapon, 45 inches of beauty and destructive power! There's switches that toggle, dials, gears and triggers and things that move, glass tubes with doodads inside them and other interesting bits everywhere. I've had my #10 since before Christmas 2008 and am still finding surprises.

It's so huge and heavy you'll need to develop an ape-like arm to hold it, or use the shoulder of one of your bearers. It'll vapourize his or her head when you fire but that's a small price to pay for being able to decimate swarms of moonmen or other miscreants with a single blast. The fire power of the ray blunderbuss is far ranging and you can cover acres of ground in minutes. This weapon will melt everything include any rock or objects the blighters might try to hide behind. Such joy!

Beautiful Venusian wood stock embellished with all the necessary devices made of the new miracle material METALS crafted by the skilled hands of Dr. Grordbort's workers under the watchful eye of his head lackey Greg Broadmore. There's a sturdy black iron metal stand for display above your mantle but you won't want to stay at home with this masterful aether oscillator, you'll be making up any excuse to go out and shoot something.

And the crate, there should be a picture of the crate on the Aethernet catalog page! It's a wonderful thing in it's own right made of another wonder material PLIED WOOD, stained a military green khaki and proudly emblazoned with Dr. Grordbort's logo on the top and ends. Careless handling will result in splinters and the REAL rough rope handles are perfect for giving rope burns so it's probably best your lackeys heft it around. It's a crate perfectly made for safari or journeys to Venus and can also serve as a shelter or a canoe.

All the rayguns are fantastic though the Ray Blunderbuss tops them all. It's so good that it's disappointing it actually doesn't fire aether oscillations (those haven't been banned by international treaty have they?). It's unfortunate not everyone can have one. Originally, I was just going to buy the Victorious Mongoose but it was delayed a long time, so I bought a Manmelter and then the others. When this was announced I tried to guess how much it would cost and if I underestimated I wouldn't buy it. That resolve lasted less than an hour when I saw the pictures and edition size. To own one of the 50 made, wow! Yes, it's pricey but is worth every dollar (even with the tanking Canadian $ and the import duties), assembled by caring skillful hands and if you can find a way to buy one I'd recommend this highest form of science fiction sculptured art. I may be buried with this!

Sincere and heartfelt THANKS to Greg, Dave, Richard (we are not worthy) and all the artists who worked on my gun, you can feel the positive vibe of all the people involved. A round of pints for everyone (on Greg, until I can get there in person). That's a lot of words for something that's beyond words but WOWEE!!!! Hide.

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Weta Collector
0 stars

I vote for a MINI Blunderbuss

Especially after achieving the detail on the F.M.O.M. mini. Read more.

Especially after achieving the detail on the F.M.O.M. mini. Hide.

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