The Lord Of The Rings : Art Print - Sunrise upon Edoras

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11.7" x 23.2" (H x W x D)
29.7 cm x 59 cm

Immediately before the travellers the widest of these glens opened like a long gulf among the hills. Far inward they glimpsed a tumbled mountain-mass with one tall peak; at the mouth of the vale there stood like sentinel a lonely height. About its feet there flowed, as a thread of silver, the stream that issued from the dale; upon its brow they caught, still far away, a glint in the rising sun, a glimmer of gold."

Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli catch their first glimpse of Edoras as the rays of the morning sun lick the thatched roof of Meduseld, The Golden Hall of King Théoden.

The moment has been expertly captured by Gus Hunter - long time Weta conceptual designer who started on The Lord Of The Rings trilogy alongside Jeremy Bennett and was an early adopter of the digital painting techniques Weta uses today. Read more about Gus in our Meet the Crew interview.

Sunrise upon Edoras joins our exclusive suite of Middle-earth art prints by Weta artists:

The external dimensions of the print are 23.2 in x 11.7 in (590 mm x297 mm) and the printed area is 20.9 in x 8.9 in (530 mm x 235 mm). A lovely cinematic format. Exactly the same size as the previously released prints.

It's printed on good quality 170 gsm satin paper and ships rolled up in a VERY sturdy poster tube. It will arrive in pristine condition, ready to be framed and hung, pride of place, in your home.


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  • Sunrise upon Edoras
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  • Sunrise upon Edoras - detail
  • Disturber of the Peace, Flight to the Ford and Sunrise upon Edoras

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This print of Edoras is so beautiful. It makes you wish you... Read more.

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