The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey : Art Print - Out of the Fire - EAGLES RESCUE

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11.7" x 23.2" (H x W x D)
29.7 cm x 59 cm

Having eluded their Goblin captors and been lead to daylight by the Wizard, Gandalf, the Company of Thorin now find themselves perched like birds amid the boughs of dry pine trees clinging to the jagged mountain slopes. Pursued relentlessly by the pale Orc chieftain Azog, the Dwarves, Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins are surrounded by vicious, snapping Wargs who hurl themselves at the splintering trees. Amid shattering wood and the pop and twist of groaning roots the trees are toppled, one by one, forcing the Company to leap from one precarious perch to another another, finally coming to dangle beyond the yawning cliff over a hungry and empty sky.

Thinking quickly, Gandalf ignites pines cones which the Dwarves send hurtling down upon their foes like fiery missiles. But this desperate act is a mere tactic of delay, for without help, whether by tooth, fall or flame, they know death awaits them all in the leering pale Orc’s grin. He has them!

Yet even in the face of this certain doom, hope swoops unlooked-for from above in the form of the Great Eagles and their lord, who, with wings beating flames in the faces of their enemies and talons flashing, send Orc and Warg alike plunging into the abyss and sweep Bilbo and his companions to safety.

The scene from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been captured by Weta Workshop concept designer Nick Keller who has been with Weta for seven years and was part of the core team of Weta designers who worked on the movie.

Read our interview with Nick Keller about his work on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and on this print as well as his background as a concept designer.

You can see more of Nick's work in our series of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles books about Art & Design (out now) and Creatures & Characters on pre-order (shipping in April).

Out of the Fire joins our exclusive suite of Middle-earth art prints by Weta artists:

The external dimensions of the print are 23.2 in x 11.7 in (590 mm x297 mm) and the printed area is 20.9 in x 8.9 in (530 mm x 235 mm). A lovely cinematic format. Exactly the same size as the previously released prints.
It's printed on good quality 170 gsm satin paper and ships rolled up in a VERY sturdy poster tube. It will arrive in pristine condition, ready to be framed and hung, pride of place, in your home.

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