Xena [1995-2000]

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This high adventure television series, filmed in New Zealand, was supplied with effects from Weta Workshop for two years. When Xena started up as an offshoot of the Hercules series, Weta was thrilled to be taken on to produce a variety of characters for this show.

One of the coolest things about working on Hercules and Xena was the opportunity to work alongside some of the more unique characters within the film and television industry, including the biggest and smallest actors in the world.

Here's a clip to take you back to the golden age of Xena:

Xena intro clip


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Weta Fan


man, I wish i had seen this when it came out. too... Read more.

man, I wish i had seen this when it came out. too bad i was 4. there were some of the props from the series at Armageddon 08. Everything had rubber or foam tips, and were light as anything. you could swing a mace like it was nothing because it was plastic or resin or something. Hide.

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