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Weta Workshop Vehicles

Weta Workshop houses a full engineering shop and fabrication department that has contributed a range of specialist vehicles to groundbreaking projects in the creative industries of film and gaming, including the Warthog in Microsoft's Halo short films, 10 full-size Lancaster Bombers and a full-size working Panzer tank for a private commission, trains for The Legend of Zorro and Tangiwai - A Love Story plus vehicles for Neill Blomkamp's District 9.

With a team of engineers and fabricators capable of producing and customizing realistic vehicle exteriors and interiors, including working chassis, bodies and engines, Weta Workshop has confidence in its ability to tackle all kinds of vehicles - from simple cars to tanks, air craft and sci-fi space ships. Weta Workshop can produce one-off fully-rigged, functioning hero vehicles or large numbers of simpler background replicas.

Weta Workshop's engineers can also guide a client through the realities and benefits of using specialty vehicles, offering experience and advice on the most appropriate ways to utilize them to meet their specific needs.

Weta Workshop prides itself on artistry, vision and innovation. Guided by the creative hand of Richard Taylor, Workshop Supervisor Rob Gillies and Engineering Supervisor Peter Osborne, our team is dedicated to producing dramatic, authentic and practical vehicles of the highest quality for any kind of creative endeavour in any genre -- to budget and to deadline.

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