The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers [2002]


As the characters in the trilogy pushed deeper in to Middle-earth, so Weta explored the world's cultures and creatures in greater depth. These shared the screen with those familiar to audiences from the first film, which were also revisited in greater detail. In The Two Towers Uruk-hai and Orcs appeared with new human cultures like the Rohirrim horsemen and Easterlings. In Fangorn Forest the bizarre tree-like Ents took shape as strange walking blends of plant and man, presenting a unique design challenge for Weta's creative team. The forces of darkness were also swelled by the carnivorous Wargs, huge predators that Orcs would ride like war-horses into battle.


On the trail of Merry and Pippin, the remains of Aragorn's Fellowship encountered the Rohirrim people and came to the throne of the Rohirrim King in Edoras. With a sizeable amount of screen time spent in Rohan, the Rohirrim were one of the cultures Weta was able to develop in great detail, creating a rich and distinct visual palette that was evident across the architecture, armour and weaponry. License was afforded to Weta's leathersmiths, in particular, to revel in their craft, creating a complex and exciting leather armour, replete with pattern work and embossing, for the plainsmen and royalty of Rohan.

The battle of Helm's Deep was also a climactic achievement, being shot in grueling conditions and over a long period. The mettle of both crew and equipment was tested to the limit, but the results were worthwhile. When the armies of Rohan, Lothlórien and Isengard clashed, entire scenes were filled solid with Weta's work.


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