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Size DOES matter

Scale was one of the less evident, but nonetheless crucial, issues to be tackled in making the films. It is easy to forget that half the core cast were shot at a different scale to the others, necessitating the perfect replication of almost every item in at least two different sizes.

Here are a few clips from The Fellowship Of The Ring:

Clip I - Crows in the caverns

Clip II - Sauron

Clip III - The Watcher In The Water


Few projects have ever presented a special effects company with the kind of creative opportunities that could match those of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. With Weta Workshop having signed on to handle an unprecedented number of departments including prosthetics, miniatures, design, creatures, armour and weapons, there was the chance to very strongly shape the visual flavour of the films.

48,000 items

Over the course of the entire trilogy, Weta made over 48 000 individual items in all, among them 10,000 prosthetic facial appliances, over 3,500 pairs of Hobbit feet, 2 500 foam body suits, 1,200 suits of armour, 2,000 weapons and 10,000 arrows. 72 miniatures were built to visualise the epic scaled environments and cities of Middle-earth. Filling entire soundstages, some of these were so large that the term miniatures just didn't seem appropriate, necessitating the coining of 'bigatures' to more accurately describe them.

It was Weta's goal to bring a seamless design aesthetic to all the departments the company touched, thereby reinforcing the reality and cohesiveness of the world of Middle-earth. To that end, the various armies and creatures of The Fellowship of the Ring, while each having their own style, still retained a unifying flavour that pervaded everything that Weta built for the films; from the Elven and Gondorian armour to creatures like the Watcher in the Water, Balrog and Cave Troll; from the graceful lines of Rivendell or Caras Galadhon to the brutal simplicity of the Orcs; or any of the weapons carried by the nine members of the Fellowship.

Among the more memorable creations Weta produced for The Fellowship of the Ring was Sauron's impressive black armour seen in the prologue sequence. Sauron's armour was hand beaten out of steel and shaped and etched just as it would have been in medieval times.

Light-weight castings were then made from moulds taken off this original steel suit. It was a process applied to almost all the armour and weaponry Weta made for the three films, which ensured that even synthetic stunt armour had all the textures and details of an original hand made item.



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A Masterpiece

The Lord of the Rings is a true masterpiece. I certainly wouldn't... Read more.

The Lord of the Rings is a true masterpiece. I certainly wouldn't have guessed a story about a ring could possibly work - but this was proved wrong with the imaginative plot, mystic settings and mythical races entwined in amongst LOTR.

The One Ring itself was believable, especially when Frodo kept receiving dark flashback-like images of "the eye" speaking to him - longing for the retrieval of it. This, combined with the burden of carrying it to Mount Doom, Sauron and Gollum/Smeagol always after it, and the times Frodo's energy seemed to be lost from carrying it - makes the ring not only believable, but mesmerizing to all viewers.

The harshest film critic would have a hard time trying to find any flaws here. The LOTR trilogy is definitely worth purchasing for the DVD cupboard! 10/10 Hide.

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Weta Fan

An inspiration

The will to destroy the ring is a heavy burden but the... Read more.

The will to destroy the ring is a heavy burden but the smallest of beings have the most courage Hide.

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Thank You!

This film has helped me through my own quest as a single... Read more.

This film has helped me through my own quest as a single mother! The obstacles that everyone faces in the film in the story line and in making it have helped me overcome my own. This film has also influence my own works in art and in writing! Thank you Peter Jackson and Fran along with everyone else that took part in all the making of this film along with the others! I owe you a great deal more then you will ever know... this film helped save my life to survive a divorce and showed me I can do anything I set my mind to. Again Thank You! Hide.

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