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In Production

Weta Workshop will create the physical effects and miniatures necessary to fully realise the Peter Jackson produced film "The Dam Busters". The film is based on the book The Dam Busters by Paul Brickhill and the 1955 Associated British Picture Corporation motion picture and will be directed by Christian Rivers.

The Wingnut Films production will be produced by Jan Blenkin, Carolynne Cunningham and Peter Jackson, with Sir David Frost and Ken Kamins serving as Executive Producers. “This is one of the most remarkable true stories to come out of World War II”, said Peter. “When Michael Anderson made his thrilling version of this story in 1955, many details of the dams raid were still a closely guarded secret. It has since been declassified by the British Government, making the dynamics of the story and the people involved even more intriguing."

"That, combined with our ability to harness state-of-the-art computer generated visual effects, will enable us to bring the events of these desperate days of 1943 to life in a very visceral way. This is an astonishing story that continues to be revered in British Commonwealth history, and our hope is to make their exploits known to more of the world and extend their legacy to a generation that might not otherwise recognise their inspiration and sacrifice.”

The Dam Busters is an inspirational story of heroism and one of the most daring missions in aeronautic military history. “Peter Jackson is the ideal producer for a remake of The Dam Busters”, said Sir David Frost. “Not only because of his film-making genius, but also because of his aeronautical expertise and his unique understanding of the human pressures wrought by war.”

Academy Award® Winner Christian Rivers will direct the film. Rivers has worked with Jackson for over 17 years. First as a storyboard artist while still at school, then as an animator, pre-vis supervisor and second unit director, culminating in his work as animation director on Jackson’s King Kong, which won him a 2006 Academy Award® for Best Visual Effects (an honor Rivers shared with Joe Letteri, Brian Van’t Hul and Richard Taylor).

Rivers said the story had a special place during his childhood. “I grew up with The Dam Busters mythology as part of my heritage” he said. “I remember seeing it for the first time on television in England with my grandfather. I’ll never forget marveling at the image of the bouncing bomb punching across the water. This is one of the most revered stories of British ingenuity and heroism. We intend to be true to the values of the era in which these events took place.”


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Weta Fan

One of the two NZ Dambusters

I cant wait for the new movie to come out. My Mum's... Read more.

I cant wait for the new movie to come out. My Mum's 1st cousin was the Wireless Operator, Len Chambers, on Micky Martin's P for Popsy on the dams raid. I grew up in Karamea on the West Coast of the South Island which is where "Uncle Len" lived until his death in 1984. His Widow still lives in Karamea. Mum and I went on a bus tour through Europe last year called the Dambusters, Colditz and the Great Escape. We walked accross the Moehne Dam and Eder dam and visited all the war graves of the 53 men who were lost on the raid. Seeing what they did first hand is amazing in the middle of the night at 60 feet flying over the lake. I say again I cant wait to see the new Movie. I have watched the 1955 version many times.

Myron Hide.

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Weta Fan

recent visit to Brooklands

Brooklands in Weybridge Surrey in England home of the worls first motor... Read more.

Brooklands in Weybridge Surrey in England home of the worls first motor racing Circuit opened in 1907 and also the birthplace of British aviation, was also the location that Barnes Wallis worked from, and it is here that he came up with the bouncing Bomb otherwise known as up keep, there is a replica of one of the catapults as used in the tank testing experiments, also an up keep and quiet a fair display on other inventions and aircraft Wallis played a major hand in, most impressive is the Stratosperic chamber he used in later experiments and a whole Vickers Wellington Bomber certainly well worth a visit and great place for reasearch Hide.

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