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Tania Rodger
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Tania embraces the vision of the Weta collection of companies going forward into the future, and is excited by the young and vibrant crew that work around her in the Workshop.

Workshop Manager

Tania Rodger had considered a career as a performer in the theatre, but on arriving in Wellington with Richard Taylor, quickly discovered that there were creative opportunities equally as rewarding within the film industry.

Joining with Richard in 1987 to form their own company, they set about creating a workshop facility that could provide a range of artistic skills and services to the entertainment industry.

Tania performed all the business management roles, including Health and Safety, looking after the importation of all the materials from around the world, and also was integral in the day to day running of the Workshop. Tania specialised in running the Foam Latex Department and producing any creature or human eye replicas needed for the puppets that they were making.

As the company has grown in size and more people come to join Weta, Tania's role has taken on more of an administrative one and ultimately she has found that she is now exclusively involved in the management and running of the facility.

Although Tania is afforded little spare time in her busy work life, she has found a great creative outlet in the filming of the Behind The Scenes of The Weta Workshop. Her footage and photographs have been used on a number of 'making of' docos, and was seen in the LOTR Supplementary DVDs.


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All hail!

...to the goddess of the land known as Weta. Hazzah! Read more.

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Tania, you go girl!

Wow Tania, it is so cool to see that a woman is... Read more.

Wow Tania, it is so cool to see that a woman is working in such a rank as yours in a male-dominant business!

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Seeking Position

Ms Rodger, While I realize you must get hundreds of these types of... Read more.

Ms Rodger,
While I realize you must get hundreds of these types of comments, I just thought I would put my name forward one more place, and to let you know that I would greatly welcome the opportunity to work with your team in any capacity, be it as an assistant, a runner, or even work for free to gain experience.

My name is Kim Davenport. I am recently relocated to New Zealand, and am seeking a position as a member of Weta Workshop's design team. that will help me gain experience in the film industry, especially the roles of the production design team and the art department. Weta Workshop’s unique set up of self contained comprehensive design services would be the ideal setting in which to gain experience with all aspects of production design. I am very much in awe of your company’s use of cutting edge technologies blended with traditional modeling techniques to create such realistic environments. It would be an honor to learn from and work with a team that shows such obvious love and dedication to the art they produce.

I have a bachelors of fine arts degree for interior design. I have worked two internships with theatre company’s design departments, one of which with the largest theatre complex in the western United States. My skills in model making, drafting, and 3D modeling/rendering software could be of use to you. I also have some experience in prop making. I am a very hard worker and have never been given a task large or small that I was not willing to give my very best effort towards. The internships with theatre companies have introduced me to the long hours and flexibility necessary for productions.

My CV and examples of my work can be viewed at http://www.wix.com/kimdavenport/portfolio-page.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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