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Weta Workshop Speciality Costumes

Weta Workshop has produced specialty costumes for a number of diverse projects, including Avatar, District 9, The Hobbit and Peter Jackson's World War One recreations at the Omaka Air Museum.

Housing a blacksmith's shop, a comprehensive leatherworking studio and a full production costuming department, Weta Workshop has the facility to produce specialty costumes and components for any period or original design, be it intricate one-off hero pieces or mass produced replicas. Our costuming department is adept at leatherwork, leatherstamping, pattern-making, complex stitching, working with all materials, dying and screenprinting. Having artists and technicians experienced in armour making means that Weta is uniquely positioned to seamlessly integrate specialty armour and costuming to achieve believable and practical results.

Weta Workshop prides itself on artistry, vision and innovation. Guided by the creative hand of Richard Taylor who has one of his Oscars in the field of costume design, Workshop Supervisor Gareth McGhie and Costuming Supervisor Matt Appleton, our team is dedicated to producing dramatic, authentic and practical specialty costumes of the highest quality for any kind of creative endeavour and in any genre -- to budget and to deadline.

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