The sculpting room at Weta is perhaps the one place where imagination most tangibly comes to life.

It's often when a third dimension is added to the conceptual designs that it becomes apparent that a design will work. Many filmmakers find it immensely satisfying to approach a design from different angles. To hold it, to touch it and to picture it in their movie.

Every square foot of wall has a shelf on it and every shelf is laden with sculpture. It's like a monochromatic lineup of creatures and monsters - your childhood, your dreams and your nightmares wrapped up in one.

Many of the incredibly talented sculptors at Weta are self taught - with a keen eye, a steady hand and a source of imagination and inspiration that never runs dry.

Read more about the sculptors at Weta and see some of their work by clicking their names on the right.

You can own a piece of our work

With the exception of Rayguns and a few prop replicas that were created in other departments, all Weta's collectible statues were originally sculpted here. Check out the range of collectibles.



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