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Weta Workshop Public Art & Displays

Utilizing the conceptual design, sculpting, props-making, prosthetics and costuming skills of our in-house technicians, the latest in 3D technology and our established relationship with a bronze casting foundry in New Zealand and China, Weta Workshop has the ability to create and produce groundbreaking 3D display pieces and sculptures at large or modest scale for exhibitions, public art and children's environments.

For a number of projects Weta Workshop has created hyper-realistic silicone mannequins of both people and creatures, including soldiers with costuming and scene dressings for life-size aeroplane displays in the Omaka War Museum. The team produced large-scale outdoor sculptures of the Cave Troll, Gollum and the Fell Beast for the premieres for each of the Lord of the Rings films, and iconic public art sculptures for various cities in New Zealand; Wellington's The Tripod, Riff Raff for Hamilton and the Dyslexia Foundation sculpture in Christchurch.

Weta Workshop prides itself on artistry, vision and innovation. Guided by the creative hand of Richard Taylor and Workshop Supervisor Rob Gillies, our team is dedicated to producing dramatic, powerful sculptures and display models of the highest quality for any kind of creative endeavour in any genre -- to budget and to deadline.

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