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Weta Workshop Props

Weta Workshop houses a full props-making studio that has contributed a range of specialist props to groundbreaking projects in the creative industries of film, gaming and collectibles, including Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, The Chronicles of Narnia films, Microsoft's Halo 3 short films, and James Cameron's Avatar.

Weta Workshop prides itself on artistry, vision and innovation. Guided by the creative hand of Richard Taylor, Workshop Supervisor Rob Gillies and Props Supervisor Alex Falkner, the props team is made up of skilled craftspeople from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, permitting the company to tackle props-making assignments in any genre and degree of complexity. The team draws on traditional hand crafts and modern computer-driven technologies to facilitate the creation of almost any kind of prop item and in numbers ranging from single one-off props to equipping entire onscreen armies -- to budget and to deadline.

Weta Workshop's crew are also available to guide a client through the realities and benefits of using specialist props, offering experience and advice on the most appropriate ways to utilize them to meet their specific needs.

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