Nick Keller

Originally from Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty, Nick began work at Weta Workshop in 2006 as a concept designer. Prior to this he had completed a degree in civil engineering before deciding to change career paths and pursue his passion for painting and illustration. He has worked on a number of film projects including the Chronicles of Narnia, Under the Mountain, Avatar, Indiana Jones 4, and most recently The Hobbit.

He spends his days at Weta working digitally in Photoshop and in his spare time enjoys painting with a mixture of digital and traditional media, creating fantastical and surreal imagery, mainly with oils.

Nick's art can be seen on his website: and also in Volumes I and II of "White Cloud Worlds", a collection of science fiction and fantasy artwork from New Zealand.






Tags: Design, White Cloud Worlds

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Nick living the dream

Or living my dream to be more precise :) This is just... Read more.

Or living my dream to be more precise :) This is just the sort of story that gives an illustrator hope. Great stuff, Nick! Hide.

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