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  • Moulding

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Most if not all of our collectible statues were moulded here from the original sculpt.

The Moulding department makes (in their own words) anything from scars and warts to tanks and cannons. That's a pretty wide brief.

Whenever something needs replicating, it comes here to have a mould made and then one or more "copies" cast (or pulled) from the mould.

The shelves contain vast amounts of fantastical creatures with their arms stretched out. And seemingly naked. And all the same shade of grey. These are so called scannable maquettes that are designed, sculpted and moulded at Weta Workshop and subsequently scanned in three dimensions for Weta Digital. They then proceed to put digital skin, colour and hair on the computer models. And make them move.

The materials used in this department are silicons, epoxies, glass fibre, plaster - all depending on the project. A tank is naturally made of somewhat more rigid materials than a facial blemish.

In close contest with Painting and Finishing for the department with the most pungent aroma, the guys in the Moulding department are surprisingly unaffected.

Primarily due to the fact that they spend the lionshare of their time wearing space suits and industrial gloves.

These guys are an important cog in the machinery that brings the imagination to life and are involved in just about every project at some stage.


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