Meet the Hobbit Cast

There are Dwarves in Wellington - loads of them. 13 to be exact. And we've just had the very first opportunity to see them all lined up side by side at a press conference at Park Road Post here in Miramar. Superbly exciting for all involved, not least, we think, for the actors themselves.

All the 13 dwarves and 1 hobbit were on the panel. The invited New Zealand media turned out in droves to welcome them to Wellington and to download all the information that was being offered.

Weta was of course there - eager to soak up some excitement from New Zealand media and from the milestone event. An opportunity to get closer to the cast on behalf of our fans. And to sneak in a few questions of our own, of course.

Please check out a short video of the cast being introduced.

There were several familiar faces and some that we perhaps haven't seen so much of, at least not here in New Zealand.

The actors spoke of their hopes and trepidations about being a part of a "prequel" to such an enormously successful trilogy as The Lord Of The Rings, and while they've all of course watched those movies, they are all determined to make their own mark on the movie.

The one thing that stood out from this press conference was the awesome cameraderie between the actors and what an incredibly funny bunch they are.

Weta is buzzing with excitement to begin another journey to Tolkien's world with these guys. 

We will let you listen in on the WHOLE press conference so that you can share our excitement over being so close to the start of filming.


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Weta Fan

So exciting!

I am a big fan of the LotR's movies, not only because... Read more.

I am a big fan of the LotR's movies, not only because of the way the finished product turned out but because of the way the production came together. Seeing a team of thousands act as one family with disparate talents and skills was inspirational to witness.

I wished back in 2000 I could have been part of that experience and now in 2011 that same feeling returns. I will watch from the sidelines and look forward to the first release in 2012.

Good luck to everyone involved in the production. Hide.

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