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Matt is currently the Senior Costume Supervisor of Weta Workshop's Costume and armour department

Senior Costume Supervisor

Starting in film and Television as a costume props maker in 1997, Matt has made himself into a chameleon of the film industry.

Having worked in costume departments, Armour and weapons, art department and engineering as well as building and filming miniatures, Matt started working for Weta Workshop in 1998, joining as a costume props maker and leather worker for the preproduction and shoot of Lord of the Rings.

Continuing to work onset for the entire shoot of Lord of the Rings he was responsible for the art direction of the Orc armies as well as Lead actors stand-by and Lord of the Rings Miniatures.

Since then he has played a key roll at Weta workshop within such projects as Master and Commander on the huge scale ships for the storm sequences.

The legend of Zorro, getting to blow up trains and building a 7 foot animatronic weresheep costume for the film Black sheep

Matt's list of credits also includes

Lion Witch and the wardrobe
King Kong
Prince Caspian
Halo shorts (internet release)
District 9
30 days of night
Day Breakers



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