The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey : Map of WILDERLAND - Parchment Art Print

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Shipping World Wide from Middle-earth (New Zealand)
16.5" x 24" (H x W x D)
42 cm x 61 cm

Wilderland to a hobbit is the stuff of legend. Places like Rivendell, Mirkwood and Dale are known to very few and there is little there that would interest a Hobbit. Esgaroth, Gundabad or the Lonely Mountain are alien places mentioned only in drunken tales by travellers and vagabonds.

The original prop for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was designed and drawn by Daniel Reeve of the 3 Foot 7 art department.

Weta's map has been made from a scan of the original map and printed in Middle-earth (New Zealand) on finest Italian Marina Conchiglia parchment paper

Map of Wilderland - Parchment Art Print is a very cool piece of art.

The Map of Wilderland is part of a range of Middle-earth maps from Weta. Others in the series include: 

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  • Map of Wilderland
  • Map of Wilderland

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