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Senior Prosthetics Supervisor

Senior Prosthetics Supervisor and Visual Creature Effects Art Director, Gino Acevedo originally hails from Arizona and has been working for the most part of his professional life in Los Angeles. He is a special effects technician with particular skill in special make-up, prosthetics and air brushing. Gino has worked on such projects as the Alien series, Godzilla, Men in Black and The Nutty Professor.

Gino oversaw all the special makeup requirements that Weta Workshop provided for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This included hundreds and hundreds of noses, ears and feet as well as the countless full facial and full body make-up appliances for all of Middle-earth's non human inhabitants. Seven of the nine leads in the films wore some form of prosthetic appliance- a huge undertaking to say the least!

In addition, Gino oversaw the paint designs of all the films' creatures, including Gollum, and was directly involved in bringing the many digital creatures and characters to life.

During King Kong Gino designed the prosthetic Skull Island Native make-ups with Dominie Till as well as art directing the film's creatures at Weta Digital.


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Weta Fan

Monstrous Applause

You deserve a big (prosthetic) hand, Gino. Keep on thrilling and chilling.... Read more.

You deserve a big (prosthetic) hand, Gino. Keep on thrilling and chilling. Huzzah! Hide.

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Weta Fan

Career path

Hey all, I am a senior in high school... Read more.

Hey all,
I am a senior in high school and love all of Weta's work. In particular I am very interested in the prostheic part of the special effects. I am looking to follow this intrest and making it my career.I would like to know if anyone could let me know of any shools that focus on the prosthetic part of special effects.
-AJ Hide.

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