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Because I was born in Canada and I've lived in France, England and New Zealand, people say that I've got a strange accent.

Before Weta, I worked as a Comic book artist/writer and freelance illustrator for advertising (I know, I know, but Sometimes you have to sell your soul to the devil).
You may remember me from such series of comic books for children as "Kilt le Picte", published in France. If not, please buy a copy of each of the two issues "La colère de Tyrlyr" ( The wrath of Tyrlyr), and "La montagne aux fées" ( Fairy mountain), I may forgive you.

"Jane and the Dragon" was Weta Productions' first television series and they needed some troopers to fill the ranks.
So more than five years ago, I shaved my beard and went to the recruiting office. To my surprise, they've kept me ever since.
It's been a bit of a privilege to be here, working on cool projects and surrounded by all these talented people. Actually, what are you doing here? Go and check the other guys!

Since the first season of Jane was completed in 2006, I've been working on designs for a number of confidential projects such as "The..." no forget that.

A tip: If, like me, you have spent all your youth indoors trying to draw while listening to heavy metal, and, more importantly, If you can survive on Kiwi food, then you've got what it takes to try your luck here.



Tags: Design, White Cloud Worlds

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