Dr Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibition. In Wellington for a limited time!

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Where: 48-50 Cuba Street in Wellington

When: Nov 28th – Jan 26th

Hours: Tues to Sat – 12 -7 pm, Sun – 12 - 4pm

Admission: Free

Presented by Sir Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger of Weta Workshop, Dr. Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibition is coming home to New Zealand for a special, limited showing. Touring the world, most recently in China and Europe, and heading off in February for a multi-year tour of Dubai and the United States, this exhibition has never been seen in its entirety in New Zealand. The exhibition brings together a huge collection of over 160 pieces of artwork and sculpture from Greg Broadmore's alternate science fiction/fantasy universe. 

Creator Greg Broadmore says, "I'm so glad to finally have the opportunity to share my exhibition in the city that it was created. This exhibition has travelled the globe, and represents many years worth of my Dr. Grordbort's ideas and artworks. I'm incredibly excited and can't wait for Wellingtonians to at last visit the Venusian wilderlands that I've been dreaming up all these years."

Richard Taylor is delighted to be hosting the exhibition in Wellington. “Greg is such a highly talented and creative artist. The world he has designed in Dr. Grordbort’s is unlike anything anyone has ever seen, and the collection deserves the immersive experience we have created with this exhibition.”

Created at Weta Workshop and curated by Richard Taylor, the Dr. Grordbort’s Exceptional Exhibition is staged as a lost exhibition from a by-gone era. It is a multi-layered collection of digital paintings, rayguns and sculptures, presented in the various mediums of the 1900-1930’s. To celebrate this special homecoming, the exhibit is free to attend.



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