Emily-Jane Sturrock

Make-up and Hair Department Coordinator

At the beginning of 1999 Emily had the good fortune to join Weta Workshop for the preproduction and filming of Lord of the Rings.

Initially starting in the air brushing and hair knotting department she went onto set as Weta Workshops amour and weapons supervisor, this lead to many years of working with the lead actors as their personal stand-by and the continuity supervisor for the Weta amour and weapons department.

For King Kong she returned to the make-up department for hair punching, wig knotting and body painting of the Island Natives.

Also joining the make-up team for the pre-production work on 30 Days of Night and Black Sheep. As well as the hair punching work for Golden Compass and Lonely Dog
October 2010

Working along side Richard Taylor, Emily coordinated the make-up and body paintings required for Project Born, a fundraising event for the Neonatal Trust.

This has lead onto her current position as Make-up and Hair department coordinator.


Project List

  • Lord of the Rings
  • King Kong
  • 30 Days of Night
  • Black Sheep
  • Prince Caspian
  • Halo 3 shorts 
  • District 9
  • Avatar
  • Project Born



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Weta Fan

Your Podcast - Ep VI

Impressive interview. Looking forward to future (larger) images of your costume work.... Read more.

Impressive interview. Looking forward to future (larger) images of your costume work. Maybe you in a costume?! Hazzah!!

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