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My number on e tip for someone who wants to work in my craft is "find the time and have the patience and the rest will follow."

I studied at Epsom School of Art Design and obtained a National Diploma in Graphic Design. While studying at Epsom I met fellow student Simon Clutterbuck, who later worked for Jim Henson's, it was his support and encouragement to sculpt that started my career, so I am forever grateful to him.

Senior Sculptor

I'm a self taught sculptor, initially working freelance and then becoming full time with Forge World, Games Workshop. During my 7 years with them I developed my skills as a sculptor and designer for high end collectible and war gaming figures.

As a child I was utterly fascinated by the creatures and monsters of film and television and as an adult my enthusiasm to work in the film industry was rekindled upon seeing The Lord Of The Rings.

With the knowledge and techniques I gained at FW and eager to be a member of the crew, I moved to New Zealand in 2006 to become a senior sculptor for Weta Workshop. My time at Weta so far has enabled me to grow in both experience and confidence as an artist because I am surrounded by so many inspiring and talented people. The projects I've worked on have been diverse and challenging and the range of clients have included Disney, Microsoft and Bungie, BBC, Blizzard (World of Warcraft) and John Howe.

If I had to choose a particular iconic project I've worked on sinve being at Weta - It would either be designing maquettes for The Hobbit of the collectible figurine for Blizzard (an Orc warrior mounted on a wolf). This was a joint project I enjoyed working on with Eden Small. It is special to be because not only is the Orc a character that I'm very familiar with and fond of but also it's a buzz to know that one day there will be a 12ft high bronze version that'll be placed in front of their headquarters in the US. So I am very chuffed to have been a part of that. I just hope that Eden can make a full recovery from sculpting all of the fur detail on the wolf, as it was a real test of his patience and concentration (a task that would have broken a lesser man), but he did a fantastic job, so I reckon the credit should go to him.


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Weta Fan

Hey there!

Dan, your life story is amazing! I don't have a great ability... Read more.

Dan, your life story is amazing! I don't have a great ability in sculpting just yet, but I am willing to learn that craft. I'm still in film school, so that time will come soon. Hide.

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Weta Fan

12ft Bronze Blizzard

Please post some pics when it's completed. (As it should make for... Read more.

Please post some pics when it's completed. (As it should make for sporting target practice with my rayguns - Hazzah!) But seriously though...let us know. Hide.

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