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“I've had the great pleasure to work with Richard Taylor and the incredible artists, craftspeople and technicians at Weta Workshop on two films now. Both times I've been astounded and delighted by the invention, innovation and imagination that comes out of there – taking ideas and images from my scripts and expanding on them far beyond my wildest dreams (and nightmares!) ... and then helping make them real before the camera. It's a journey I can't wait to go on again!”
Jonathan King, Director

Weta Workshop Creatures

With a team of gifted sculptors, animatronic experts, engineers and specialist creature fabricators, Weta Workshop has produced some of the big screen's most legendary characters, including Gollum and Kong.

Among the numerous awards Weta Workshop has won for creature work are an Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects 2006 (King Kong), the BAFTA Award for Best Visual Effects 2006 (King Kong) and both the BAFTA and Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects 2002 (The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring). In addition to Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and King Kong, Weta's creatures have appeared in movies such as Meet the Feebles, Brain Dead, The Frighteners, Jonathan King's Black Sheep and the Spierig brothers' Daybreakers, and most recently, Under the Mountain and Neill Blomkamp's District 9. As well as television shows such as Hercules and Xena.

Be it a simple hand-operated puppet, scannable creature studies for digital reference or fully computer-controlled animatronic rigs, Weta Workshop is capable of undertaking complex creature work of all kinds, thanks to the partnership of both traditional and cutting edge technologies. Digital and physical creature builds are managed seamlessly and the company has established relationships with a number of digital effects facilities, including Weta Digital. Weta Workshop's crew can also guide clients through the realities and benefits of using creatures, offering experience and advice on the most appropriate ways to utilize them to meet their specific needs.

There is a growing demand for 3D scannable creature maquettes. With a large-scale rotational molder in-house, Weta Workshop can supply lightweight, accurate 3D scannable models direct to the client or external scanning facility.

Weta Workshop prides itself on artistry, vision and innovation. Guided by the creative hand of Richard Taylor and Workshop Supervisor Rob Gillies, the company's creature team is dedicated to producing original, dynamic and functioning creatures of the highest quality for any kind of creative endeavour and in any genre -- to budget and to deadline.

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