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Postal Address

PO Box 15208
Miramar, Wellington
New Zealand


Weta Workshop is a five time Oscar™ winning one stop shop servicing the world's creative industries

General and Client Enquiries

Telephone: +64 4 909 4000
Fax: +64 4 388 9722

Press Enquiries

Magnus Hjert or Ri Streeter
Phone: +64 4 909 4000


For access to the Press Gallery, please email us for a password.

View our creative merchandise at:

and also at our sales booth at various conventions we attend around the world.

Corporate and Group Events Hosting

We can create a truly unforgettable event for your clients or staff.

Weta's family of brands and licenses

We create fantastic Rayguns under our Dr Grordbort's brand and a whole range of premium quality merchandise under our Weta brand. We purchase licenses from the likes of Microsoft, BBC, Disney and Warner Bros, to allow us to create high end artistic collectibles for brands we love like Halo 3, Doctor Who, Narnia. District 9 and The Lord of the Rings.

In addition to selling to the general public, we also offer premium services to high worth individuals and companies, such as:

- High quality "Custom Made" art for private enjoyment
- Display models and replicas for exhibits and shows

Inspire yourself with the Art of Weta

Weta Limited manages the sales, marketing and promotion of Weta merchandise. We offer a wide range of innovative art created by the same craftspeople who work on our movies

Contact Details

Tim Launder
General Manager
Email :
Telephone : +64 4 909 4105

Customer Service
Email :
Telephone : +64 4 909 4101

1 Weka Street
Wellington 6022
New Zealand

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Corporate and Group Events Hosting, Wellington

We can create a truly unforgettable event for your clients or staff at the Weta Cave in Wellington.

The Weta Cave - Weta's mini-museum, shop and theaterette gives visitors a taste of the creativity that goes on behind the walls of Weta Workshop.

Where to find us

Corner Camperdown Rd & Weka St
New Zealand

Phone: +64 (0)4 909 4100


Thank you for your interest in working at Weta Workshop!

Work Experience & Internships

Due to the many projects we have on, and the strict confidentiality agreements we have in place with the funding studios and clients, we are unable to accommodate extra people in the workshop. As a result we don't have any kind of established internship or work experience programme.

Work experience is uncommon in our company. We have such a wealth of young talented people wishing to start a career in this field with us that we tend to go straight out and contract these people.

Working in New Zealand?

New Zealand has very strict immigration and work-permit laws. We are respectful of these, but there are special cases where people from outside New Zealand join us to work.

Unfortunately, we are looking for a unique individual if we are looking outside New Zealand and it is therefore unlikely we will hire a young person with little experience as we understandably wish to share this work with the young people of our own country.

General Info about the industry - Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this page contains information about working for Weta Workshop, Weta Limited and the Weta Cave.

Weta Digital, Park Road Post and other group companies have separate recruitment sections under their respective headings above.

Please be aware of the following information if you are considering applying to Weta Workshop for a job.

- Competition for a very limited number of jobs at the Workshop is fierce. We are sent between 30 and 50 Portfolios a week.

- We already have 5,000 portfolios on file.

- On average we contract five to ten new people a year.

- Our immigration laws demand that we contract from outside New Zealand only when we cannot find a person of similar skills in New Zealand.

If you wish to send something to us, please use the following guidelines:

Process for submitting portfolio/CV:

First - please set up a profile on our recruitment website The Weta People site is our way of knowing where you're at and being able to contact you if a work opportunity arises. Also this is your way of letting us know if your contact details have changed and where you can update your profile with images of your new work.

Please now do the following:

- If possible, please send your information in an A4 format.

- Please send printed copies or photocopies of your work, (do not send originals).

- Unless it is imperative to your submission please do not send any 3D or sculptural pieces.

- Please try not to send images on a CD, DVD or video. We prefer printed stills.

- If you would like your work returned, please mark this clearly and include a stamped, self addressed envelope.

- We will confirm straight away that we have received your portfolio or CV.

What will happen next?

We assess all submissions regularly, but as this is a lengthy process, we ask you to be patient. We will let you know once we have determined if your skill set fits with our team and if we would consider hiring you.

We keep shortlisted CVs on file and when we are actively recruiting we may ask you to come and meet with us.

We have many requests of people wanting to come and meet with us but unfortunately we don't have the time.

Weta Digital's team of artists are world-leaders in all areas of visual effects production, including animation, motion capture, crowd generation, modelling, compositing, and film scanning and recording.


P.O Box 15208
9-11 Manuka Street
Miramar, Wellington
New Zealand 6022

Phone: + 644 909 6000
Fax: + 644 380 9010

Park Road is a premier post production facility, offering a relaxing and inspiring environment for filmmakers to realise their vision.


141 Park Road
PO Box 15132
Miramar, Wellington
New Zealand

Phone: + 64 4 909 7800
Fax: +64 4 380 7331

Jamie Selkirk
Facility Manager


Cnr Southampton Road & Stone Street
P.O. Box 15 208
Wellington, New Zealand

Portsmouth is the complete film equipment rental company with a vast range of dry-hire lighting, lighting & generator trucks, grip, unit, location and special effects equipment for hire. The consumables outlet sells products ranging from gaffer tapes to technician's accessories.

Telephone: +64 4 909 3090


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