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  • Chameleon Concept from Kong
  • V-Rex at the beach
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  • Lucy Pevensie's vial from The Chronicles Of Narnia
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I still like to do stuff outside of here too and if you wanna have a gawk check it out at which is rarely updated, or which I've been updating surprisingly often. I got a couple other things in the works too and I'll update this as they go belly-up. So yeah! I guess my advice is:

bum around and have fun, then get lucky when you decide to make an effort"

Peace! Pearce!

The Right Honourable Scribble-Monster Supreme

The only questions I am ever asked about my work here at Weta are "how the heck did you get a job?" and "can I has your job plz?"

I can't give you this job because I need it to support my glamourous lifestyle, but I will try to outline how I ended up in this enviable position.

I'm afraid I don't have too many tips or much useful advice, but this is what worked for me! You'll have to find your own underhanded methods I guess. I went to school in Paengaroa, then Katikati, then the big time! Hamilton! I hated school with every ounce of my angst-filled being and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Later I started playing in some bands and making a few comics, so I guess those years weren't a total waste. I'd pick up any freelance work I could doing ads and posters and stuff but surviving on the dole mostly.

I moved to Wellington about 8 years ago and did a bunch of illustrations for children's books until I applied here at Weta. I got real lucky with my timing and had a heap of robots and junk in my folio when work on Evangelion had just begun. A pretty choice first project! Pity it bummed out.

Since then I've worked on heaps of fun stuff- I GOT TO DRAW DINOSAURS FOR KING KONG! All we need now is a feature length epic about a robot who crashes hotrods into explosive in barrels in slow-motion and my career in film will be complete.

There's always lots of non-movie things going on here that we get to do drawings for as well. I have stuff in our reasonably priced World of Kong and Crafting of Narnia books, I've worked on kids shows, web design, memorial sculptures, collectables and that big-ass Tripod in town. It's pretty cool really.


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I know that look...

right after the computer crashes before a save. Your sleds are hilariously... Read more.

right after the computer crashes before a save. Your sleds are hilariously fun and the sketch clip on your blog was awesome to watch! Hide.

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Congratulations to you for your dream job Christian, is inspiring many people... Read more.

Congratulations to you for your dream job Christian, is inspiring many people to do something really good. Hide.

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