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Since then, he has been in the design department working on a wide variety of projects including "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", "Black Sheep", new Weta Television Production "The Wot Wots" as designer of the title creatures and is art director for a major movie production currently being undertaken by the workshop.

Number one tip for someone who wants to get into the business:

Never stop learning and expanding your abilities. If you've never tried sculpting before, give it a go. If you've never used a 3d program before, give it a go. The industry has got to a stage where the more skills you have to offer, the better. If you're a specialist in one area, as soon as that area is done with, you're out of a job. Whereas if you have a large variety of skills and you show you're willing to pick up more, you become more of an asset and a better bet for employers.


Since a extremely young age, Chris dreamed of working in the movie industry. But instead of taking the direct approach to fulfilling his dreams, he opted to take the less traveled, "bizarro" route.

He finished college with awards in Art and Design & Technology. Spent 3 years working in a department store. Enrolled and passed a course for Media studies then enrolled and passed a course for Commercial Radio Broadcasting. Spent 2 years as a 6 to midnight shift radio announcer. He then finished that job and became a self-employed cartoon portrait artist, traveling from shopping mall to shopping mall in the Wellington region.

It was during the radio years that he saw "The Frighteners" and first heard about Weta Workshop. He took some of his work to Richard and Tania and asked if there was any work available. At the time there was nothing, but a year later during the cartoon portrait years he approached them again. This time he was in luck and Richard gave him a week's trial on "a small job coming up." The small job turned out to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Chris started in the miniatures department and was one of the many technicians who helped build the miniature of Moria for the Balrog sequence. He then moved into the Armour / Weapons department and helped construct the hundreds of suits of armour required for the films. This included armour for the Orcs, Moria Orcs or goblins, Uruk-hai, Gondorians, Rohirrum and Prologue Elves. As well as that he was a member of the team who constructed armour and leatherwork for all of the main cast including for the 9 Fellowship members, King Theodin and stunt suits for the Ringwraiths.

When production on the Rings films came to an end, Chris tried his hand at sculpting and created several pieces for the Weta Merchandising line including Rowlf the dog which won the 2003 "World's best statue / bust Global Award" from


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