2012 Richard Taylor - New Zealander of the Year

Richard Taylor
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  • Richard Taylor

From the New Zealander of the Year website:

"Sir Richard Taylor of Wellington is an extraordinary New Zealander. He has set a shining example by being a global player in the international movie industry, but decidedly choosing to base himself in New Zealand. His company Weta, is a huge success, employing well over 1000 people and with annual revenues in the 100s of millions per annum. But most importantly, Richard is a passionate and articulate New Zealander, committed to this country, and committed to showing New Zealanders that we can do it here.

Let me quote "Why shouldn't it be us? We stay here firmly in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand, first because we are New Zealanders and this is our home and I don't believe I would work in this sector, in this field, if I had to work somewhere else. This is where I want to work and you couldn't hope to work anywhere more fulfilling".

Richard is an intensely decent man. He is committed to his family. Despite his enormous list of Hollywood successes and multiple Oscars, the work he is most proud of is the TV series "Jane and the Dragon", whose message is "girls can do anything". He is humble and unassuming and yet passionate and articulate. He has a strong vision for New Zealand as a place of talent where we develop and earn from our own intellectual property."



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